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How to clean and maintain your Upholstery

Maintaining your upholstery is important because it helps extend its lifespan and keep it looking fresh and new. Regular cleaning, spot cleaning of spills, using appropriate cleaners, avoiding harsh chemicals, rotating and flipping cushions, and protecting from sunlight are key steps to keep your upholstery in good condition. Proper maintenance can prevent build-up of dirt, stains, and damage from sunlight, which can result in costly repairs or replacement in the future. Here are some tips for cleaning and maintaining your upholstery:

  1. Vacuum regularly: Use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to remove dirt, dust, and crumbs from your upholstery. This helps prevent the build-up of dirt and prevents it from grinding into the fabric.

  2. Spot clean spills immediately: Use a clean, damp cloth to blot up spills and stains as soon as they occur. Avoid rubbing, which can spread the stain and cause damage to the fabric.

  3. Use a fabric-specific cleaner: Different fabrics require different cleaners, so be sure to use a cleaner that is appropriate for your upholstery. Check the manufacturer's care label for recommended cleaning products.

  4. Test the cleaner first: Before using a cleaner on a large area of your upholstery, test it in a small, inconspicuous area first to make sure it doesn't damage the fabric.

  5. Avoid harsh chemicals: Harsh chemicals like bleach and ammonia can damage your upholstery, so avoid using them. Make sure to check the usage directions before you use any other chemicals.

  6. Rotate and flip cushions: Regularly rotating and flipping your cushions can help distribute wear evenly and prevent sagging.

  7. Protect from sunlight: Direct sunlight can fade and damage your upholstery, so keep it away from direct sunlight when possible. Consider using curtains or blinds to control the amount of light that reaches your upholstery. If this is not possible, try using some UV Resistant and outdoor upholstery material. They come with a protected coated that blocks even the harshest of New Zealand sun! If you want to know more about them Contact us and we would be happy to help. :)

By following these tips, you can help keep your upholstery looking great and extend its lifespan.

If you require repairs, reupholstery and another fabric services feel free to contact us.

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